We have produced multiple imaging systems for various institutions world-wide.  The first 7 of these used vacuum formed plastic domes to support the lighting infrastructure.

Dome 1 (Ashmolean Museum, UK)

Dome 2 (University of Southampton, Archaeology Department)

Dome 3 (Oxford University, Faculty of Oriental Studies)

Dome 4 (The Louvre, France)

Dome 5 (The British Museum, UK)

Dome 6 (Various, now at Yale, USA)

Dome 7 (Oxford University)

Dome 8 (University of York, Archaeology Department)

Dome 9 (Direction de l’Arch√©ologie du Pas-de-Calais , Dainville, France)

Dome 10 (Ecole Nationale Superieur, Archaeology, Paris)

Dome 11 – our test dome

Dome 12 – Glasgow University, Archaeology dept.

Seal Imaging system (with University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies)