Dome 7

RTI Dome number 7 – for CSAD in Oxford University was dubbed the “superdome” – as it uses 128 LEDs and has an improved superstructure as well as updated controller. It is 80cm in diameter – so it seems light compared to the previous 1m domes. The cut plastic hemisphere was once again made by Talbot Designs. The system uses a 30V PSU, and high power LEDs similar to other domes: Bridgelux BXRC-40G1000-B-23:  25.7V 350mA 948 lumen “neutral”

the “superdome” installation at the Ioannou Centre For Classical and Byzantine Studies at Oxford University (2017)

this dome has a new strong and more stable structure

With 128 Raw images unpacked to 16 bit tiff: 7360×4912 x 2 x 3 x 128 = 25GB each session.

the new controller built for dome7 – which shows progress, timing adjustment and triggers the camera for each of the 128 LEDs.


the 128 led arrangement of dome7 concentrated detail in the lower light angles

Their paper shows how useful this dome has been – read it here.

built in 2017