Dome 7

RTI Dome number 7 – for CSAD in Oxford University was dubbed the “superdome” – as it uses 128 LEDs and has an improved superstructure as well as updated controller. It is 80cm in diameter – so it seems light compared to the previous 1m domes. The cut plastic hemisphere was once again made by Talbot Designs. The system uses a 30V PSU, and high power LEDs similar to other domes: Bridgelux BXRC-40G1000-B-23:  25.7V 350mA 948 lumen “neutral”

the “superdome” installation at the Ioannou Centre For Classical and Byzantine Studies at Oxford University (2017)

this dome has a new strong and more stable structure

With 128 Raw images unpacked to 16 bit tiff: 7360×4912 x 2 x 3 x 128 = 25GB each session.

the new controller built for dome7 – which shows progress, timing adjustment and triggers the camera for each of the 128 LEDs.


Their paper shows how useful this dome has been – ready it here.