Testing Glasgow’s Dome12

Published / by Kirk Martinez

My usual test is a cuneiform replica or a fossil. Today this dome had a full test with the tablet and my Nikon D650 (100ASA, 1/10s F10, jpg, no white balance calibration).

with the virtual light slightly off to the top-right, PTM viewed in RTIviewer
snapshot in rtiviewer – at 100% scale
in specular reflection mode
Normals visualisation mode

This replica is very useful and is of the Sumerian period (2600 BCE). It is 8cm x 7.5cm and came from the Sumerian city of Shuruppak. It describes the sale of a house and names two witnesses. The original is in the Louvre Museum

RTI Builder Sphere detection fix

Published / by Phil

Whilst handing over the geodesic dome to the University of York we had some problems with the RTIBuilder failing to detect the spheres to generate the lp file.    These problems were only apparent under Windows, using OS X the lp file could be generated without issue.

Further investigation showed that the problem was the amount of memory available to RTIBuilder.  This can be changed by starting the program with different options.  The easiest way to do this is to create a new shortcut to launch the program. You must be running 64bit Java for this to work.

java -Xms2g -Xmx6g -jar c:\Programs\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\RTIbuilder.jar

The options given when creating a new shortcut to RTI Builder to fix the memory issue.

The c:\Programs\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\RTIbuilder.jar needs to be changed to match the location of the RTIbuilder file on your system.