Dome14 – Leiden – Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

This dome uses 128 LEDs and is one of our “superdomes”. It has a fairly even spread of LEDs (which are the same type as Domes12/13).

The RTI dome set up in the photo studio in Leiden

Here is an initial pre-delivery test using a Nikon Z6 and 105mm macro lens:

snapshot of the ptm in RTIViewer
detail of slightly sharpenned PTM view showing the small damage to our replica tablet in the centre. This replica has small bubbles which are clearly visible.
specular enhancement of the first test on our replica tablet

It is interesting to use the Z6 due to its fast memory card – a flush delay of 100ms is plenty, which means an object can be captured in around 50s. Although there is no mirror flip noise/vibration, there is still a sound from the aperture closing/openning.