our RTI Dome design

the latest dome built for the university of Glasgow

After many years of making RTI systems we have a good design which enables fast capture of objects using a digital SLR and our lighting dome.

The high power LEDs (normally 76) are controlled by a grid of power. This is controlled by an Arduino computer in the controller which uses a grid of switches. It has a simple command interface which can be used via its USB interface and automatic modes (from dome4 onwards). In the preferred auto-modeĀ  the camera remote shutter is used by the Arduino and a set of timings (you enter the shutter speed) to light an LED, fire the camera and move through all the lights.

We have tried various camera mounting techniques – as the dome is fairly thin plastic at the top it can’t support a camera. So we have some structure which holds the camera – and typically lifts the dome well above the surface used to make it easier to setup objects.

We assume people use the “normal” RTI software – but also have some helper apps to manage the image sets. Pressing the Go button captures all the data on the camera. People typically then download it all and run a PTM fit to see a result quickly.