Geodesic RTI dome

We have now completed our design for a geodesic RTI dome which does not use a plastic shell. We can make these to order as each component has been designed to be reproduced.

This image shows it is made of custom circuit struts – with a total of 65 LEDs. The frame is a strong custom aluminium structure which supports the camera on top. Each support “leg” can be removed and packed with the ring at the top to transport the system easily.

testing the LEDs after the first setup in York

This shows the new design of RTI dome – with its light-blocking fabric cloak in place.

A small controller is used to capture the whole sequence (about 65 seconds) then we have software which copies the images from the camera into an RTI standard directory tree ready for a fitter (with our new PTMfitter we can now process them in around one minute but you could use HSH).