Camera Settings

For RTI domes we recommend the following settings to ensure a consistent series of images:

  • Manual focus
    • photo->focus mode MF
  • Fixed ASA – typically 100
  • Manual exposure (e.g. 1/4s F10)
  • Vibration reduction off (lens and camera)
    • photo->vibration reduction off
  • Manual white balance (set a custom one using a grey card – see camera manual)
  • Turn off image preview so the camera does not try to show each image on the screen
  • Turn off or prevent any automatic uploading to a computer (e.g. wifi, BT, USB)
  • Geometric distortion correction – normally left on as cameras know how to apply it for their lens
  • Turn off auto-rotate – as it makes looking at image sets confusing
  • Turn off any mirror-up or delay before capture (unless you can adjust the controller to compensate)
  • Check “Release mode” is Single – in case you have used the camera in another mode elsewhere
  • Set Picture Control (mild adjustment cameras have for sharpness/balance) to Neutral (if using JPG) – not any “Auto” which can alter between exposures.
  • On mirrorless cameras use electronic shutter or “Silent” mode
    • photo->silent photography on
  • Check image resolution is on maximum
  • on Nikons while using HDMI out for preview set C3 standby timer timeout to never
  • Use a fast card as this reduces flush-to-card waiting and is safer for fast shutter speeds.

Nikons check:

exposure delay is off (shooting/display)

a2 af-s priority is “Release” so it can take photos even if focus area is not in-focus

c3 Power-off delay – set Standby timer to infinity

Custom white balance helps to make white neutral – see camera manual. For Nikon’s manual is here.